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What happened to the informant?

Why has the informant and the US news representer both disappeared?

Give me a sign that they are alive and okay or it’s going to bother me.

Were they assassinated?

I they don’t show up soon, I’ll know the US did something to them.
There is no reason to harm them, Wikipedia has the same information about US war crimes against civilians. Anybody that reads that is aware of the crimes, long before that gentleman said anything which he probably said out of anxiety.
Leave the people alone, you bully!


It’s not about how many cavalry and artillery you can replenish.  It’s about how strategically tactful and quickly you can use what you do have to cut off the veins that supply blood to the heart (Queen).

Spending too much focus and resources on the porns will drain resources and leave critical areas vunerable to attacks.

The Castles, Kings and bishops hold the highest threats because they have the ability to move tactically in different directions and protects the command and procurement centres of cavalry and artillery, the Queen.
The porns and horsemen are secondary threats.
The Queen is the heart of a Chess game and can only operate within close proximity.
That’s just how I play.  

I let my porns distract, while I smoke out the Queen.

Once the Queen (Heart) is captured it’s

Checkmate, game over.

Are you prepared for Nuclear?

Since there seems to be no consideration of any life, a nuclear war is inevitable.

How does one prepare for a nuclear war?

I don’t think the world populations can fit into Australia.

I don’t know much about nuclear or war, but from what I’ve seen and read in old history books about Vietnam, I know it’s a bad thing.

What does one do to minimize effects?

Should we withdraw all our savings and investment capital and just enjoy the time we have left?

What would you do if you knew you only have a few wks or days to live?

What would you want the world to know?

The failure to admit when you’re wrong

The failure to admit that a politician of your organization has demonstrated the lack of skills, knowledge and experience to handled a crisis situation which he or she was appointed to manage is the equivalent of opening and publicly agreeing to the cover up of corruption within your organization.

If you had admitted that he or she did not handle the crisis correctly and the necessary discussions and intervention steps were implemented to further manage the crisis in a correct manner, that would have been a sufficient approach, but now all that you’ve done is cover up the wrongs which the entire country have already seen.  They already know that the minister has demonstrated a deficiency of the required skills and experience to handle the crisis of Cholera.

Your words can not erase, what South Africa now know.

However, your response opens the door to the larger ANC corruption accusations and almost highlights that the accusations are true.

Do you see where, I’m going with this.

You don’t have to admit guilt verbally, covering up a crime leads to the truth being exposed without your testimony.

I don’t know, but if accusers picked up on this loop hole, they could use it to their advantage.

Price Index Chart

I don’t know what the plan for the internal trade system to work is, and I hope somebody that knows will provide us with the information we need to start trading in our own currencies.
I think we, each country should develop their own internal price Index chart. That is to have each product and service of a country priced according to it’s worth in value in that specific economy and country and in line to that country’s currency.  

That would allow for trading to be transitioned into the new world trading arena and it will discourage internal traders from price fixing or selling the same goods at different prices, because the price of goods compared to the price index chart of those specific goods.

I could be wrong, but maybe a representative of countries like Iran and Cuba can tell us how they have been trading.

We need to start somewhere or we won’t get anywhere, also the longer we depend on the dollar the less value our goods and services will be and the higher the prices of those goods and services will be both for internal local trading and external international trading. Did I mention I don’t really know I’m just going on the bits and pieces I’ve studied in Macro and Mico economics, Accounting and Trading.
I’m more into Sciences, but I’m just trying to help, so people don’t end up excluding themselves from the market and lose the affordability and buying power to trade while the local currency depreciation against the dollar. This probably sounds like gibberish. I hope somebody understands what I’m trying to say.
We can no longer rely on the dollar to tell us what the value of our products and services are to be set at for local trading.  I hope that makes sense.
Please experts in trade and banking help me out and tell us what needs to be done, because some of us are stuck as product and services are still valued by the dollar.  Therefore we have some people blaming South Africa for everything, even the things that has nothing to do with South Africa. 
Mean while no progress is being made. A financial plan and internal trade plan has not been set up.
We can not expect President. C.R. to draft a plan for us.  He got the trade agreements.  Someone who is competent, experienced in these matters, knowledgeable and not corrupt needs to be designated to form a executable and translatable plan of action.
The person would have to delegate what each province needs to do and by what deadline.  I think.
Someone please interrupt me and tell us how it’s done.  .

SA complainants.

Stop blaming the South Africa for the assumptions someone else made and for the currency issues and everything else that’s wrong in your life.  Your negativity is dragging people down.
The propaganda about weapons was a PR tactic intended to discredit South Africa because South Africa refused to arrest Pres. Putin.  The tit for tat bully trait if you don’t give me your lunch, I’ll give you a wedgy scenario.

Selensky a film director (incorrect spelling) raped one or two children and still has not served any sentence, but Actors petitioned for police to release him.  Bernstein a film producer, sexually assaulted a whole lot of celebrities.  Jeffrey Epstein an investment broker with some other well known US government employees and celebraties were all involved in a child trafficking and sexual exploitation organisation. 
Some of those victims were South African children by the way.

Ex US Pres. Bush was suppose to stand trial for war crimes but nothing ever came of that. They only apparently arrested him in Germany soon after I posted the question “why the US Ex Pres. never received the same treatment as all the other prisoners which the International Criminal Court captured and executed.” 
The US has had many years of new president’s since pres.Bush.  Nothing was ever done about him during that time and he wasn’t the only US president involved in War crimes against humanity and the war crimes wasn’t just in Iraq and Syria, either.

There are now abduction accusations against Pres. Putin floating around, but none of the victims or witnesses where the events supposedly occured has ever come forward for so many years.  Doesn’t that tell you something is not right with the accusations made.

It’s only now that Russia is not allowing the NATO thing and the US isn’t getting it’s way, that suddenly there are so many charges popping up. 

While the US is making threats against little folk in-between the debt ceiling debate has caused some critical information to be revealed, such as the US was responsible for the war in Cambodia, Lebyia, Syria, Iraq, and some other countries all along as well as for the Ukraine-Russia war which was exposed on a US news channel.  All of these will have to be investigated whether the debt ceiling is raised or not. 

That means that the  terrorism accusations made by the US about many countries was false PR tactics to cover up that the US was the invading their countries.

What about all the countries which supported the US in carrying out these wars, knowing that thousands of innocent people and children were brutally killed in Wars across the globe initiated and carried out by the US.

Are you saying to the world that these people’s lives didn’t matter and that the people who survived lives don’t matter?

What if the US decides to do the same to one of its allies?  What should the world say and do then?  Should we say, those people’s lives didn’t matter? 

The point is the events playing out and being exposed is bigger than the dollar and the stock market, bigger than investors.   

What’s happening behind the scenes effects all of humanity.  Do humanity’s lives matter?  Did humanity’s lives matter when you decided to support the brutal killing of millions of innocent people, children, babies, elderly, families?  When you look at your kids, your families do you see the millions of dead corpses and families and economies destroyed by the the wars inflicted by the US and it’s supporters for their pleasure.

Many years ago footage was released by US employees about bioweapons manufactured in the US and US citizens being sprayed with bioweapons without being aware of it, as well as US military selling huge crates of weapons with US tags and stamps to the country they claimed via media had weapons of destruction.  What makes you think the US gives a shit about your life.

Things in the US are not as great as you think.  Many more countries besides the Brics countries and applicants of Brics have decided to drop the US dollar as their trading currency.

Anyway, South Africa would have had to eventually drop the dollar as it is part of Brics.  You can not be part of an organisation that was formed to get rid of the bullying and the dollar but then hang on to the dollar and kiss the bully’s ass. 

There are so many people from other countries whom you could network with, draft and send proposals to for investments, look at what they offer and at their proposals. 
Stop relying on what the stock market says and on the dollar. The stock Market is a US organisation.  Moaning and groaning isn’t going to help  the US, it’s organisations or you.  Start thinking out of the box and make your circle bigger.
What market offering can you offer to other countries that will improve their lives?
Could your product or service help improve their infrastructure, reduce their carbon emissions, assist in technology advancement, medicines, food, etc, etc.

Food shortages is a huge factor across the globe.  We should start looking at trading nutrient dense foods with other countries.  We need to give, we can’t just take take take. 

Try to get some crops with high Amino Acids, Proteins, vitamins and minerals to other countries, so that food hunger and disease can be eradicated.  Stop stealing from your own people, stop corruption and share agriculture with your own people.  

It’s bullshit that celebrities spend their money on organisations to feed South Africa, when South Africa could have the landscape, the agricultural resources and skills to feed itself if politicians which just stop being so damn corrupt. 
Don’t just sit on your lazy ass and copy my words in your advertising, your broadcast programming and your post, then complain about South Africa and the President and everything else.  

Other countries have run away already, some of its own citizens have excaped and are probably singing songs of freedom.

Why must we hang on to being bullied?  The world has moved towards a inclusive trading platform.  
There’s India, Brazil, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Morroco, Cuba, Mozambique, Lebanon, Syria, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Angola, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, etc., which you can collaborate with.


Many of these countries are far more valuable than the the US and the UK currency combined. The US had been exploiting there resources for decades.  Now they finally broke the shakkels. You want to cry over a dollar. What’s wrong with you?

I feel like South Africa has become Dobey the character in Harry Potter, the Chinese and Russian President’s are Harry Potter and the US is slithering.  The others behind the scenes are the Wizard. Petronius la donius and something something!
The Informant in the US is the tree chopper with a chain saw who has just cut down the Bean Stalk.
The person Mr. M. who’s in discussions over debit ceiling is the priest from the exocist with a stake cross and holy water.
Brazil and India are preparing a sage smudging ceremony  for the release of Dobey.  A ex Brits prime Minister before BJ is Pinky and Pres Bush is the Brain.  A cartoon city in my mind.

The International Criminal Organisation, the World Bank and all that are all US related.  United Nations, WHO are funded by the US.  None of them were formed with good intentions. 

I am not a believer in the International Criminal Court because it only presents evidence to support US accusations.  It isn’t normal to only have evidence that only support one side all the damn time.  Many of us have been to Court, watched movies and read books about court and nowhere else has it occured that the compliant is also the accuser, the judge and jury.  The same with US news websites and some social media. 
Anyway, enough of Slithering and Valdamor.

Someone by the name of Davie  spoke about a few things on a radio broadcast that South Africa needs to do to attract investment.  I don’t know if it will attract investment but I agree with everything he said because that will help the economy function better.

All of the challenges he mentioned are practical issues that can be solved, which is a very good thing if the ministers involved are competent or removed if not.

He did not mention policies.  I still don’t know what the policy issues are.

Tswana Preacher?

Why are there so many incompetent people as ministers and other politicians in Tswana preaching and repeating jargon they overheard, but not doing what they are suppose do and relying on outsiders to do their jobs for them.  He clearly does not know what his talking about.

You can’t have someone that doesn’t have the skill, knowledge and experience to be in a position placed in that position simply because you know the person.

One politician is preaching the other is playing with his phone in the middle of a media conference, while people are dying by the hour.

If this is how Tswana politicians are handling the cholera crisis then how are they going to handle more challenging crisis in the future.

This can not be happening. 

There are plenty of highly experienced and skilled people who has tried to help by providing step by step guidelines on dealing with the cholera crisis and everything guideline is the correct and gold standard healthcare procedure.  Why are the relevant people not getting the funding and resources to do their job, so they can stop the spread of cholera?

The incompetency shown by the Tswana minister and others are going to come back and bite the ANC in the Ass for placing these incompetent people in those positions in the first place.

Brics please finalize the currency project

Please finalize the currency project.  The sooner the currency and trading platform is in operation, the sooner things can go back to normal.

The emerging conflict from self proclaimed Russian Ukrainians displays all the elements of a set up and displays no intention of fulfilling peace agreements.

It’s a stupid plot because now the whole world is aware including buyers and investors, that it’s a plot to gain market control and an attempt to destabilize Brics. The Ukraine issue is starting to reveal the US as distrustful to investors and buyers. 
Anyway, some of my College mates were Authentically born Russian’s and they did not think or behave the way the emerging self proclaimed Ukraine-Russian’s are.

Those self proclaimed Russian-Ukrainians have similar thinking, speaking and behaviour patterns to the video taped 9/11 alleged terrorists which allegedly turned out to have been working for the US all along.

It’s bizarre because even Ukrainian citizens themselves don’t even speak or think or behave like them. I think the true Ukrainian and Russian citizens should be evacuated and placed somewhere safe, because this is not a Ukrainian-Russian conflict at all.  It looks like a US-Brics conflict. 

The attackers can not be identified as true Russian or true Ukrainian. 

The pres. Of Ukraine had the same jittery nervous behaviour patterns that was captured on video by the alleged terrorist who hijacked the US plane and also he made the same type of threats which the terrorist made, but to different targets.

There was a documentary about him a while back, shortly after he became president.  I don’t remember the details, but I think the documentary revealed that he is or was Jewish and he or someone connected to him had a heart condition,  if I’m not mistaken and had some connection to the US which I don’t remember. 

He wasn’t important to me, so I didn’t pay attention.  I just glanced at it as I walked pass the T.V.

Sorry for the interruption wordpress community.  I was being Sarcastic about the vaccine.

I was being sarcastic when I posted the question,”Is a Cholera vaccine going to be launched?”

I don’t care how much money Bill Gates and partners invested in producing vaccines.

I don’t care how fancy the accents of vaccine promoters sound.

I don’t care how stupid you think South African’s are. Don’t mistake Kindness for ignorance. You better wake up and realize who the fuck you dealing with.

I don’t care how much you persuade healthcare workers to promote your shit.

I don’t take kindly to threats to my life or the lives of my people.

There is no reason to justify why children or people must get cholera vaccines.

Nothing has even been investigated to conclude what the problem really is or why those people have not responded to treatment.

Healthcare is my favourite subject, don’t test me.

I know exactly how medicine and healthcare work.

I’m beyond gatvol (fed up) of this vaccination lies. Don’t set the lions loose if you only have 1 bullet in your rifle.

A whole damn lot of egotistical people who didn’t want to believe the truth went and got vaccinated and most of them are suffering from blood clots, heart problems and nerve damage.  Some of them don’t even know what’s wrong with them only that they feel sickly.

I can’t do anything about arrogant and egotistical Adults, but you are threatening the lives of children. That’s a completely different story.
The sarcasm was to test your objective and because you ignore the proper healthcare procedures and went straight for the plea, for people to get vaccinated.  That proves your intentions are not concerned with the healthcare of patients but to get them vaccinated.

I just finished fighting a cause and didn’t want to write more posts, but now you’ve gone and threatened my people.  

What the fuck is wrong with you?