Celebrities obsession with Frankenstein surgery


I don’t hate cosmetic surgery or people who get them. I hate the self hate movement going on behind the scenes. If I have to peel away onion skins to get to the root of the problem then so be it.

Why do most celebrities go for the Frankenstein surgery (Cosmetic surgery)?

This topic includes sex exchange surgery.

I don’t get, why a talented and attractive person would want to deform themselves for life?  It puzzles me.

The theory of surgically enhancement leads to more success is a marketing tactical myth.

The Frankenstein look is not adaptable. It can only be a Frankenstein. Art changes constantly, that’s what makes it interesting.

Who is going to hire Frankenstein for a action film or love drama?

There are costumes and makeup to play dress up with. You can’t reverse plastic surgery.

Why the hell would you want to deform yourself, when you know that as you age, the surgery enhancement leads to permanent deformity?

Name one person who’s plastic surgery looked good as the person aged?  Just one.  Okay, a half.  A quarter of a person then?  What, no one, zero, nil?

Charlize Theron (sorry that I’m using her as an example, she’s one of my favourites), has the talent to adapt to different characters and was highly attractive with unique style and warm personality, but now she has a dropsy eye and the jokers cheek bone structure.

What the fuck happened?

We are close in age but that shit ain’t natural.  What is with the self hate trend?

Isn’t there enough grief, challenges, trauma in the world?

Human trafficking, molestations and rapes, violence, war, depopulation methodologies, hunger, poverty, abuse, murder, politically constructed economic crisis after crisis, now I must worry about people who intentionally deform themselves.  How fucked up is that?

Maybe a Mental health doctor is what is needed instead of a cosmetic surgeon.

Notable films & Artists continued


Fatal attraction 1987

Grumpy old Men

In no particular order

Charlie Chaplin

Jon Voight

Anthony Hopkins

Jack Nicholson

Walter Matthau

Bill Murray

Robert De Niro

Al Pacino

Val Kilmer

Bruce Willis

Terrence Howard

Samuel L Jackson

Morgan Freeman

Richard Pryor

Angela Bassett

Queen Latifah

Whoopi Goldberg

Kirk Douglas

Martin Sheen

Sophia Loren

Julia Roberts

Cameron Diaz

Kate Winslet

Drew Barrymore

Jennifer Aniston

And many more.

The above artists are of a bespoke calibre because they can adapt to different roles and character personalities which is the most difficult to achieve but also the most crucial in acting.

To convey a story to the audience you must first be able to convince them of the character. If you are really good they’ll remember the character, the scene, the film, then the artist. 

Nobody remembers the artist, then the art.  It just doesn’t work that way.

Films & artists worth studying


The following films are contain certain elements and artistry skills that evoked reactions from readers and audiences for decades even after some artists who contributed to these projects have long passed on. Books and cinemas were sold out repeatedly.

If you are a Writer, a Producer, a Director, a Actor or Actress seeking that wow factor that goes with that Cha ching ££££££ in your bank account, then browse a few of these and compare them to the flims and books of today.

See if you can identify elements that you can use in your own work.

By elements I don’t mean copy scenes. I mean what is it about the story, the film the actor or actress that grabs the attention of people.

Hannabal by Thomas Harris
Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

The exocist by William P. Blatty

Pet sematary 1989 by Stephen King

Seven by Andrew K. Walker

Misery by Stephen King

(1979) The Champ by Frances Marion W.N

The Godfather series from 1974

(1987) Dirty Dancing

(1985) Runaway Train

To be continued…..

Internet censorship


Why are all the websites ending with.com censored or flooded with bizzare phishing spam ads?

Is it a cyber war going on or is it just another political plot?

What is the purpose in preventing access to information?

I don’t like Zombie and Sci-Fi crap. It annoys me. The whole concept is stupid because it doesn’t even come close to representing real life, so it’s not funny or exciting or scary. It’s just bland.
I don’t like narcissists,  inauthentic and deceptive people.  

I want to read thrillers, real science stuff like engineering, romantic, comedies, etc.

I want to read stuff that evoke excitement or passion or some damn thing.

If censorship is for political reasons, I think it’s too late for that and might arouse a different outcome. 

Personally, I don’t want to know about anymore evil deeds. I read enough to need trauma counselling for life. 

My non valid opinion


I am a little worried about Ben Affleck even though I have no relevance to be concerned. 

I am not posting this to start a conversation or for opinion to get attention, but I am hoping that awareness will encourage Ben to get help.

There’s something off about him. I can’t put my finger on it, but he seems gravely unhappy.  As if his seen the grim reaper or something.  

I think there is something deeper than sex addiction, substance abuse and gambeling going on in his mind. 

The public statements made supposedly by Matt Damon about Jennifer Garner are inappropriate. If he has a problem with her he should have just stick to the merits of his own feud with her and not disrespect her marriage.  That statement does more harm to Matt’s credibility than anything.

But this is why I think it’s inappropriate she’s the mother of Ben’s kids and despite all the stuff that went down he care’s about her and she care’s about him.  

A rational and matured person wouldn’t make public statements that could harm their friends children. 

What if Matt got divorced and someone said nasty things about his wife, which led to his kids being teased, bullied and traumatized?  

A true friend will support you and guide you, so that you don’t make decisions that leads you to be worse off. They don’t kick you when you down by promoting negative decisions.

His marriage to J.Lo seems more like a publicity stunt or a contract of some sort. 

When you are truly into someone you are not self obsessed with media and having your photo taken.

You are authentically affectionate and concerned about your partner.

 You don’t have to force yourself to smile or to stay awake.

Your skin glows and your eyes dilated because of natural biological chemicals released from your brain. Make up can not fake that.

Anyway, I hope Benjamin gets the help he needs soon. If he is seeing a psychiatrist, he should get rid of that person cause that person is not doing a good job. He should get a medical professional that has the skills to help him and get results.

Suppressed emotions and low self-esteem is a good place to start and not everything needs to be shared publicly. He owe’s the world no explanations. Those are reserved for himself and his family. 

He owe’s to himself and his family to get the help that’s going to pull himself out of the negative quick sand his in.

There are limits to privacy invasivness


When you agree to the terms and conditions of internet applications you agree to the use of data for marketing and improvement of such applications.

You don’t agree to share intimate and personal details about yourself or your life that could be used to put your life or the life of someone else in danger.

You don’t agree to expose your Social security number, you don’t agree to expose your Telephone number, you don’t agree to expose your Date of birth or Identity number, you don’t agree to expose your banking details and you don’t agree to expose your address or location.

All of the latter which can be used criminally to steal money out of your account, defraud your passport, Identity, social security.  It can also be used by pedaphiles who could rape you or your kids, or stalk you or just hurt and kill you or anyone you know.

Don’t tell me that people give up their privacy when they use Google. FYI, this is not about Google this is about a flawed and egotistic assumption that owners of online platforms have when they reach a certain income bracket that they mistakenly belief that they have rights that override consumers rights.

None of the terms and conditions states or request that a consumers personal and intimate details that put thei safety and security at risk will be exposed.

The data that could be shared are limited in terms of marketing data and data which can be used to improve apps.

Marketing data include Consumer usage of a product/ platform/search engine, buying habits, market behaviour patterns, etc.  These are not personal and intimate details that can be used criminally but general data.

FYI profiles and case dockets of these business owners and their activities can also be built and used legally or illegally exposed or used criminally like a double edge sword.

There are legal boundaries and consumer rights protected by laws. Just as easily as fly by nights have become billionares, so too can they become paupers in a blink of an eye!

To be found guilty of a crime the crime has to be proven to either be intentionable or negligent. Stealing people’s data beyond the marketing data they have allowed for lays the grounds for building a criminal case docket.

There are so many criminals who have machines which can copy driver’s licenses, bank cards, social security cards, passports and Identity Cards. I’ve seen some of these machines and products.

There is a smart way of conducting business operations and there is a dumb way of conducting business operations. The latter is closely linked to over confidence and egotism that leads to negative consequences.

Again this is not about Google. Google is only one of many businesses who follow the same route.

It’s time these business owners take responsibility for their part in the things like Mass murders and other society problems that they have encouraged or made allowances for that would not have happened otherwise.

Personally the only people who I loath for their business practices are Bill Gates, Opera Winfrey, Jeffrey Epstein and Facebook’s  Zuckerberg.

I’ve only recently become aware of Google’s dishonest business practices and not yet sure if it’s the owners and investors intention or because of bad management. Some of the owners close networks also have their concerns which indicates that something has happened that caused a change in business practices. Maybe he got some bad business advice or something. 

I also think that the South African government might have received monies from Bill Gates or ties to him for involvement in shady deals. Hence he could not involve police for fear of exposure. If he had been involved then many other political figures around the globe must also have been involved.

Picknpay has also negatively changed its business practices since the owner stepped down and lost alot of their consumers to other retailers as a result.

Oprah once made public statements about how rich she is and will always be, but her wealth has since dwindled significantly.

Zuckerberg stays in and out of court battles.

But the issue that I’m currently studying is Internet Service providers that throttle services that consumers pay for and sometime steal their credits or data assuming that consumers won’t notice increment amounts disappearing from their accounts.

I said ego is a weakness but no one wanted to believe me. 

You can be wealthy and successful all your life if your core values and business practices is aligned with the values and welfare of your market and environment. 

The minute you turn shrewed or shady is equivalent to you preparing your own coffin.

It’s because consumers lose their lives and savings because of businesses that odopt bad business practices and whether or not you believe in God or some other entity something greater than you is in control and it is not your ego.

Is social preference a disorder?


According to many online articles not wanting to interact with people is a symptom of Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, High Sensitivity, High intelligence, High ability and Introvertism.

But, what if you just don’t want to interact with the people in your environment because your just not comfortable around people who drain your energy because you don’t share the same values, interests, etc. 

What if the people who you are indifferent to just bore you?

What if you just don’t like someone?

Where does social preference fit in?

Why is it that according to psychological Health institutions, people who are indifferent to the expectation of social norms are considered to have a disorder?

Who gets to decide what the correct social behaviour and thinking is, and why?

What if the person/s who created the clinical definition of Autism/Asperger’s/Highly Sensitive/High intelligence/ High Ability/Introvertism are really the people who have a disorder, and therefore assume that if someone displays a similar behaviour then automatically that person must have the same disorder.

Where are the boundaries between a real disorder and non disorder but seletive choice?

How do people come up with their list of what’s acceptable and what’s not?

Facebook Photos


Some photography tips from someone who use develop photos.

If you have medium to dark skin, use a fluorescent or similar lighting to take photos.

Make your background lighter than your focused image.

Show less gap teeth.  If your going for the gangster rapper look. Gangster rappers take very good care of their image. They don’t come across as unkept. You may want to really observe them if that’s what you are aiming for.

Reduce the cheap and tacky porn poses, you are better than that.

Enhance your femininity or musculinty to promote your attractiveness with elegance. 

Think of yourself as a expensive work of art and act like it.

Enhance your health and fitness to boost your attractivness and to feel more confident.

5 Days of Freedom


Hello World!

Everyone’s gone and I have 5 days of freedom. I already spent 2 days Cleaning, Packing, Organizing and prepping foods.

5 days to regain health and work on fitness and Skin rejuvenation.

5 days to work on samples and a marketing & PR stategy. 

5 days of bliss. No nagging about what other people have or do. No constant attempts to stop me from executing a task. Good riddance to negativity and suppression! 


My happy dance.


In need of Distraction


I’m so sorry I wrote a post about unconditional love. I didn’t consider the after affects and that it would be such a big issue for many people.

It was naive and stupid of me and it will never happen again. 

Onto some happy distractions….

Justin Bieber seems to be recovering well.

I don’t really know Elon Musk, but I like his sarcastic humor.  The way he twists answers in interviews just to fuck with people’s minds is hilarious.  

I also admire his guts.  When most crazy wealthy people followed the NWO plans like a herd of sheep, he decided to go his own way.


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